Orbit Maze. The Car!
Orbit Maze. The Car!
Orbit Maze. The Car!
Orbit Maze. The Car!
Orbit Maze. The Car!

Orbit Maze. The Car!

R 245

Orbit Maze. The Car!  This is a fun educational game toy that develops children's creativity and logical thinking.

There are 118 levels in the puzzle maze game and players have to face different types of challenges.
You can connect them or think of ways to build a route with fewer components.
You can design your own levels for your friends to challenge.
You can also build your own route and let the cart carry the ball from the start to the end.
Of course, the most exciting part is providing a fixed number of components for building the route.
The design is really clever and people of all ages will find fun in this game.

1. Use accessories to build roads.
2. Place the ball on the bulldozer and release it.
3. Use the bulldozer to push the ball to the end.

Four Difficulty Levels
Use different accessories to build a route from the starting point to the endpoint. There are multiple answers, only one is shown in the manual.
Build a route with the least number of accessories. There are two answers to this question
Connect with the minimum number of accessories. The route must avoid positions with X's (and connect accessories that are already placed).
Master level
Create a route based on all the accessories given in the question. Use all accessories as required.

Nurturing Child's Abilities
1. Cultivate child's logical thinking
2. Improve child's concentration
3. Improve child’s problem-solving skills
4. Build a strong parent-child bond
5. Promote kid's color cognition
6. Best gift for children! kind of learning resources for children!


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